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WSN247 Blog: USA Women’s Soccer, I. Love. This. Team!

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August 11, 2012

WSN247 USWNT Blogger,  Amy Maestri, is just a tad bit emotional over the USA Women’s Soccer Team’s third consecutive gold medal win.

There is no way to begin this blog other than this…


And also…


I think that about sums it up. But I suppose if you twist my arm you could get me to share my opinions on this beautifully executed game. And thankfully this is typed, not spoken because my voice is nowhere to be found.

First, congratulations to Japan. They had a strong game and I am happy the final was against a team that plays the beautiful game beautifully. But it was our day.

Next, apologies to my neighbors. They all must either hate me or be deathly afraid of me after hearing the screams, shrieks and unidentifiable noises coming from my apartment this week.

For those of you who insist Hope Solo is “Hollywood” and no longer focuses on her game; please watch this game and feel free to insert your foot directly into your mouth. For that matter; watch her entire career progression and then reinsert foot into mouth.  Whether she is walking red carpets and doing interviews or she is going through personal struggles, there is just no stopping this woman. The word “distraction” is used a lot while commenting on her outside commitments but I am pretty sure it doesn’t exist in her vocabulary. Nothing comes in between her and her passion. Thanks to some of the best field players on the planet, she wasn’t tested often this Olympics. But when she was, and a ball was physically possible to reach; she was all over it. Then she got to some that shouldn’t be physically possible to reach. After her fingertips just barely pushed the ball into the crossbar in the 18th minute I made a noise that could only be described as a relieved, but also ailing goose that was just hit by a truck. Little did I know, she would force me to make an even more awkward noise when she saved our lives once again with a textbook save in the 83rd minute. Her positioning, her reflexes and her disgustingly long reach saved us. As she dangled the carrot in front of the horse, baiting the Japanese striker to go far post…she had a look in her eyes that burnt a hole through my flat screen. She forced the player into only having one option and then she smothered that option like an over protective mother. Hope Solo is the best female goalkeeper in the world. If you disagree, that’s fine, we all have our opinions. But I’d recommend you see a therapist and an optometrist and also that you never speak again.

Carli Lloyd had not only the game of her life, but I think the tournament of her life. All tournament she was defending, connecting plays, attacking with ferocity and…well…BEASTING IT UP. Her goals today were nothing short of magnificently, stupendously gosh darn ridiculously amazing. On her first, I’m not even sure where she came from. Who is down to begin a campaign for Lloyd to star in a new super hero movie? Because she appeared out of thin air for that header and then also put her face directly into the path of Abby Wambach’s boot. She obviously has super powers and is also immortal. No mortal would put their face that close to an attacking Abby boot on purpose. Her second goal was one of the reasons I first fell in love with watching her play years ago. She has a quick trigger release that would make Wild Bill Hickok jealous. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfectly placed shot after a perfect run with the ball that began by midfield. As I saw her charge up field, not giving the ball up I knew Lloyd was ready to make a statement. But instead of making a statement, I think she just said one word: GOLD.

Let’s talk about Alex Morgan quickly, who had 3 goals and finished as the tournament leader with 5 assists. The assist she had on Lloyd’s first goal was a beautiful example of why I admire her play so much. She turns a play that seems like it could be dead into something brilliant. We have Lloyd, the super hero and Morgan, the surgeon bringing things back to life. She started by making a beautiful run, took one touch with her back to the goal, pounced on the touch and with her back still to the goal and the ball inches from going out of bounds spun and placed a cross directly onto Lloyd’s super hero head with taking only the slightest of glances. I won’t say another word about Alex Morgan here other than this: Every team that is not USA Women’s Soccer needs to be warned that for the next 10-15 years they are going to have TROUBLE

Now, I’d like to publicly announce here and now that I love Christie Rampone. With two goal line clearances in the final and a full tournament of leading, organizing and encouraging this team; I. Love. Her. Captain America was exactly that. Her fight, her skill, her composure and her knowledge all contributed greatly to achieving this gold medal. I hope Reece and Riley know that their mom is Super Woman.

Before I wrap this up I also want to take a second to mention Heather Mitts. This was her last competitive match and I could not be sadder that she is leaving or happier that she is going out on an amazing note. This team seems to cause confusing emotions with everything they do. Why must you always make me cry-laugh?!  Whether she is making a hard tackle, running up the flank to send in a cross, or making everyone laugh with her severely contagious smile and pranks; she will be missed by teammates and fans alike I am sure. Thank you for a long and impressive career, Heather Mitts.

Wait, I just thought about something. Heather, are you pulling the ultimate prank?? Will you be back?? I’m on to you, Mittsy. I’m on to you.

There is really nothing more I could say that hasn’t already been said. All of the fancy metaphors have been made and all of the adjectives have been pulled from the thesaurus and put to good use. There is no way to describe what a brilliant team this is. They are a family and they raised each other up to victory. They left it all on the field and now all that’s left for me is to thank them for a wildly entertaining ride and for making each and every American fan exceedingly proud. You earned your golden hardware and you earned to continue on as being the number one team in the world.

I do have a challenge for you though, which I am sure you will accomplish. You are the number one team in the world, undoubtedly, but while you have been in London, we’ve been on Mars. I wholeheartedly think you can beat the aliens, don’t you?

Next task: Become the number one team in the UNIVERSE.

Game on.

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