WSN247 Blog – USA vs Canada Fans Continue To Battle

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WSN247 Blog: USA Soccer vs Canada, Fans Continue The Battle While USWNT Focuses On Japan

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August 8, 2012

WSN247 USWNT Blogger,  Amy Maestri, weighs in with her thoughts on the twitter war launched after the controversial USA Soccer vs Canada Olympic Semifinal match

I am a person of many words.  These words don’t always make sense or come out in the right order, necessarily.  But nonetheless, I am a person of many words.  The seemingly never ending war of words on Twitter about the controversial USA vs. Canada semifinal game has sparked a lot of opinions.  I have been getting asked lots of questions and have had a lot of things brought to my attention that I’d like to comment on with more than 140 characters.

Let’s start with the Canadian comments after the match.  They basically said the ref was on USA’s side and may as well have been playing for them.  My first question goes out to everyone saying they are right in making those statements, “Did you happen to watch the game?”  And my follow up, “Do you have proper 20/20 vision or had you forgotten your corrective lenses or contacts that day?”  This ref was bad.  In my opinion we can do much better for the semifinal match in the Olympics.  She missed calls, she got calls wrong and she made calls that should not have been made.  But they were not all going one way.  If they were, then the US would have had an additional two penalty kicks for take downs in the box and Melissa Tancredi would have been ejected from the match and been booked for assault.  For a portion of the game, I wasn’t sure if I was still watching soccer or the channel had changed to a gangster film about a female hit woman named “Mel the Tanc” who was hired by the Canadian government.

Both teams got physical, both teams had calls missed.  USA got away with some, Canada got away with some.  More on each side than you would like to see in a game of this magnitude, but it is what it is.  As for the delay of game call; I was a little confused on that one just as everyone was.  But it is stated in the rule book and was called properly as the rules are stated.  If we are going to start crying foul just because a call is not frequently used, but is in fact a rule; we are in trouble.  The fact that Abby Wambach was counting out loud to make a point that time was being wasted is nothing but smart play.  Last I checked, counting wasn’t illegal unless you’re playing blackjack.  That only proves that this woman plays the game on every level and has intelligence and mindfulness.  If we didn’t get the PK from that play, we should have had two clear cut other ones on Alex Morgan being taken down in the box.  I’m not going to get into each and every call because, well, I’d like to be done with this blog before the final on Thursday.  My point being, neither team had a walk in the park.  They each battled with enormous heart.  Why else do you think we went goal-for-goal for 90 minutes and then had to toss on another 30 to sort it out?  No matter who won; this game was handed to no one.

Now onto the people who think that players should be punished for their statement post game.  My question to you is, “When was the last Olympic semifinal you played in and lost?”  And my follow up, “After that game (that you never played in), how was your articulation and mind frame in such an emotional state?”  Listen, I don’t agree with the statements they made and I think it was tasteless and classless.  But I also didn’t just lose my chance at an Olympic gold medal.  Their emotions are high, they are physically and emotionally exhausted and they said exactly what was on their minds at the time.  They didn’t say they were going to go attack the US players and storm our boarder when they return home demanding we hand over all of our bacon and maple syrup.  They complained about a ref.  Calm down.  I do think they could have gone out with more class and just avoided comments of that nature, and instead focus on how well they played, but I don’t think a suspension should be in the cards for them.

If we are talking about suspension the only person we should be referring to (on either team) is the Canadian gangster herself, Mel the Tanc.  She had her first foul in the 4th second of the game (no, I did not have a typo or mean to say 4th minute) and she continued a style of play that any respectable player or viewer would be ashamed of and any playground bully would aspire to replicate.  She received a yellow card, talked back to the ref constantly, committed over 7 fouls and didn’t stop baiting the US to react; but never received the second yellow to be ejected.  Then there was the head stomp.  Tancredi stopped her natural stride forward and kicked her foot back in order to step on Carli Lloyd’s head.  When I watch the replay I become livid over this unsportsmanlike and classless act.  If I had another laundry basket to throw across the room, I would.  But I already broke mine during the game as it became my stress reliever.  So if we are going to talk suspension for anyone, it would seem that the player who stepped on someone’s head should be up for a nomination.  “Now presenting the award for best intentional head stomp in a soccer game.  The nominees are- oh, excuse me.  The nominee is…Mel the Tanc!”

I’ve always been a fan of Canada and still say Christine Sinclair is one of the best in the world.  Kaylyn Kyle is my favorite midfielder outside the US, Desiree Scott is pure class and Lauren Sesselman and Carmelina Moscato are both phenomenal defenders.   Canada played a great game and I will continue to enjoy watching them.  I can’t say I have ever enjoyed watching Tancredi play, but this incident has made it permanently impossible.

Opinions are just that; opinions.  Not everyone will share mine.  For those of you who don’t agree, well, you just wasted your time reading something that you don’t agree with and you probably don’t like me.  Fair enough.  For those of you who do agree, we could be friends.  Let’s set up a play date.

I am thrilled for the USA Soccer win. I believe they earned it in every sense of the word and I think this team did everything humanly possible within the rules to win. Canada put up one hell of a fight and should be extremely proud of their success.  I’m ready for the redemption game in the final against Japan and I’m fully ready and expecting to lose my voice and what is left of my mind after that semifinal.

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