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WSN247 Blog: Sydney Leroux Chose USWNT. Can We Leave The “Birther” Drama to Politics Please?

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August 25, 2012

USWNT blogger, Amy Maestri, shares her thoughts on all the drama and complaining related to Sydney Leroux being a Canadian born player on the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team.

To all of the Canadian haters of Sydney Leroux for being Canadian born, but playing for the United States:

1-  Try educating yourself on the topic before sending tweets that are saturated in stupidity.

2- While you sit at home and try to come up with your next “witty” or “clever” comment towards her; maybe consult a dictionary or an adult who can help you with big words.  Go ahead and find your nearest grown-up.

3-  While you’re looking up some of the bigger words in the dictionary, take a look at the word “jealousy”.  I believe you’re all suffering from this in epic proportions.

Ever since forward, Sydney Leroux, has committed to playing with the United States Women’s National Soccer team she has received some harsh criticism for doing so from her Canadian “fans”, being called a traitor and much worse.  Leroux was born in Canada, but moved here when she was 14.  With her father being American and her mother being Canadian she made a decision that hundreds of other athletes have had to make who have similar situations.  She decided her best option was to play the in United States.  It was her dream to play here and she decided it was best for her and for her career.  So she moved here when she was 14 and left everything she knew behind her to pursue her dreams.

Well, when I say it like that; I totally get where you’re coming from, Canadian Haters.  She sounds like a terrible human being.  How dare she aspire to be the best at what she does and do everything legally possible to reach her dreams?  It sounds like she’s like a strong, focused athlete or something terrible like that.  I don’t know how she’s not locked up in federal prison right now.

By hating someone for being born in one country and playing for another (for whatever reason) they are also saying they hate some of the current members of their own Canadian team along with dozens and dozens of other athletes around the world.  Out of their current roster four members were not born in Canada.  Three out of those four were born in the USA.  These haters seem to be pretty strong on morals and sticking with the country you were born in.  So I’ll just take that to assume that they don’t want to accept Candace Chapman (born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago), Chelsea Stewart (born in Denver, CO), Karina LeBlanc (born in Atlanta, GA), or Lauren Sesselmann (born in Stevens Point, WI) as Canadian players any longer.  We hear you loud and clear Canada; you only think it’s wrong if someone leaves Canada to go elsewhere, not vice versa.

Now I’ll help you out with a task I gave you earlier, Haters…



noun, plur

Jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another’s success or advantage itself.

Anyone who is suffering from this feeling; just take a moment and make sure you understand what this sensation is that has taken you over.  Now, any proud fans that love our ‘Honey Badger’; just take a moment to laugh at the jealousy and be thankful for this wonderful athlete.  And Sydney Leroux, if you’re reading this; just take a moment and put on a pair of some of your swaggerific shades to stare directly at your shiny GOLD medal.

That was fun.  Welcome back, everyone.

There have been various athletes in every sport, in every country who do exactly what Leroux has done.  She took her career into her own hands and made the best decision possible for herself.  She did nothing illegal, nothing to bring shame upon her family and she didn’t hurt anyone.  (Except the haters who are currently crying salty tears directly into their heaping plate of Canadian bacon)

I can only speak for myself, although I know thousands of fans feel the same way; WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE YOU, SYDNEY!!  She is an incredible athlete who I can guarantee is going to help the USWNT to endless victories in years to come.  On top of her athletic prowess she is a class act as well.  She has literally been called “Hitler” and has received a downpour of hateful tweets that would make a lesser person break.  She remains above it all and wishes that these people who can’t just be happy for her still have the opportunity to chase their dreams like she did.

I have already supplied the meaning of jealousy to all the haters out there, so I’ll go ahead and let them look up “class” on their own.  Class, let me give you a hint: Syd has it, you don’t.  Leroux is a smart girl with a future so bright it is giving Ali Krieger’s smile a run for its money as “Brightest Thing In The Universe Including The Sun”.  I checked…that’s totally a real thing.  I think NASA proclaimed it.  Or maybe I did.

The Honey Badger will continue to do what honey badgers do; fight and be a bad ass at life.  She plays her heart out and while doing so she makes her family, her friends, her team and her fans from every corner of the world very proud.  In fact, if you are a Sydney Leroux fan I have a task for you all as well.  If you are behind her 110%, I want you to do a victory lap right now, wherever you’re reading this and do your best ‘Leroux after her first Olympic goal face and celebration’ impression.  I don’t care if you’re home, in a library, at jury duty; no excuses.  I’ll do it with you.  Let me put my laptop down…ok, ready…GO!!!

Whew!  Didn’t that feel good?!

Now just to wrap up I have one last message to the haters.  I guess it’s more of a warning though.  I definitely wouldn’t mess with Sydney.  Her dog, Boss, will TEAR. YOU.  APART.

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