Dear US Soccer

Dear US Soccer,

Remember that last post I did?  The one where I ranted about US Soccer in a never ending spew of sarcasm and anger over having no live stream for US Women’s National Team vs China?  And then remember when US Soccer ended up streaming the game after all?


Well, I guess it’s not a total “oops”.  At the time I wrote that blog US Soccer had announced there would only be Twitter updates and Match Tracker. Normally US Soccer leaves us waiting until the last minute to say if there will be a live stream or not. In those cases, I sit back and relax while all the crazies start ranting and raving.  I know US Soccer normally pulls through a few days before a match to announce a stream, so I keep calm.  But this time around they actually stated there would be no stream, and instead Match Tracker and Twitter only.  That’s when I launched into action with my own finely crafted brand of crazy and wrote a blog releasing my frustrations over the situation.

I don’t take back any previous statements I made in it.  I still think US Soccer needs to do more on their part to promote the women in order for more exposure.  Control the controllables.  I understand US Soccer can’t just demand ESPN, Fox Soccer and ABC to air every game and play only the Abby Gatorade commercial during halftime. Although let’s be honest; that would be sick.  All I’m asking is for them to keep us informed and to promise a live stream for domestic games if there is no TV coverage.  If W-League teams have the resources for it then I think US Soccer does too.  Communication is key, people.  I feel like that girlfriend who never gets told anything, so she ends up freaking out on her boyfriend over nothing just because she’s pissed that he doesn’t keep her in the loop.  I think I’ll refer to US Soccer as ‘boyfriend’ for a bit. (Affectionately, of course)

So listen boyfriend:

I’m sorry I freaked out. I was mad because you told me you wouldn’t be taking me to dinner on Sunday.  But then at the last minute Saturday night you’re all like, “Let’s go to dinner.  I was totally kidding before.”  Then I felt bad because I got so mad at you.  So please accept my apology boyfriend.  I’m super, super excited we went to dinner.  I had an amazing time and it was really sweet of you to take me after all of my complaining.  Oh, and it was made even better by the fact that we won 4-1!

Wait.  I think I mixed metaphor with real life.  Now I’m just confused.  Was Alex Morgan at the table next to us at dinner doing fist pumps?  I really shouldn’t write late at night anymore.

After all said and done I hope we’re on speaking terms again, US Soccer.  I know there are a lot of things that we don’t see and a lot of inner workings that we can’t understand.  But you have to understand; we are an exceptional group of fans who will draw blood for this team against anyone we see fit.  Reason and logic no longer come into play when we feel wronged.  We act off of impulse and Red White and Blue heated blood pulsing through our veins.  So forgive our behavior, but understand we still expect more from you at times.

When you can clue us in and when you can give us a stream or a TV broadcast we truly do appreciate it.  But don’t you think for a second that if you piss me off again I won’t dive into another rambling rant of righteousness against you.  I’m feisty; deal with it boyfriend.

I’m wishing the USWNT all the best in the coming month of matches and will thank US Soccer in advance for coverage.  I am eager to get back to writing about the team itself and their pure power and talent.  Rather than ranting about things out of my control while I throw a temper tantrum any stubborn 4 year old would be proud of.  I am also extremely eager to see “US Women’s Soccer” on my cable guide for the June 30th game. (Thanks boyfriend!!)

Forever Yours,
Amy xo