SNL AfterBuzz: Dave Chappelle and A Tribe Called Quest

Soooo…yeah…that presidential election happened. Like, it actually happened.

Then Kate McKinnon made us cry. Then Chappelle crushed it. Check out our AfterBuzz TV recap for SNL Season 42, Episode 6!

SNL AfterBuzz: Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga

When Hanks hosts…you watch. When Gaga sings…you listen. RULES.

Here is our latest Saturday Night Live AfterBuzzTV show for episode 4! We may lose our minds at the end. We may not. But we definitely do.

SNL AfterBuzz: Emily Blunt and Bruno Mars

Ask and you shall receive. I’ve been wanting Emily Blunt to host for ages! ALMOST for as long as I’ve wanted Kenan to be off the show. Oh well. I’ll take one out of two. Check out our AfterBuzzTV recap here for episode 3 and a quickie recap on episode 3 with Lin Manuel Miranda!


SNL AfterBuzz: Ariana Grande

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Ariana Grande crush back to back impressions of multiple female recording artists. Or until you’ve watched us talk about it on AfterBuzz TV.


SNL AfterBuzz: Jonah Hill

We do a fun dance to ‘Jumpman’ that is reminiscent of the chicken dance. Not sure you need to know anything more. Tune in to the latest AfterBuzz where we recap the Jonah Hill / Future episode!



SNL AfterBuzz: Amy Poehler & Tina Fey

AMY & TINA. I need say no more. But I do…in the latest episode of SNL AfterBuzz where we got to talk about The Queens taking the SNL stage once again.

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