SNL AfterBuzz: Chris Pine and LCD Sound System

There is a lot of talk about how Chris Pine won’t stop singing in this episode…and also possibly some in-studio host on host nose biting.

No, you’re not supposed to understand what that means. So just watch and find out.

America Votes – Now on Funny or Die

Head on over to Funny or Die to watch America Votes! I trust your judgment to vote ‘funny’ more than I trust most people’s judgment in voting for our next president.

Watch and Vote on Funny or Die!

IMG_0456 (2)

Terrible HR Episode 5 Drug Testing: Lesbian Linda

She’s back! Round 2 for Lesbian Linda dealing with Callie & Allie who may have gotten a little off track with their drug testing and obviously are very knowledgeable about the gay community.

Watch on YouTube Here!