Hope Solo in The Chicago Marathon – I Got Your Back, Hope

Let me walk you through my morning. I made some coffee, drank some coffee, opened up my laptop, hopped on Twitter, saw a funny joke about old people, saw a cute picture of a puppy, and then read one of the dumbest articles I have ever read in my 24 years of life. It was by a writer in Chicago about how Hope Solo, Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach (but heavily targeting Solo) only did the Chicago Marathon for PR and not to support a good cause. I hate to promote this article but in case you haven’t read it or are interested in reading it before reading this here is the link. http://www.chicagonow.com/pace-of-chicago/2011/10/hope-sole-you-need-to-learn-from-the-book-of-al-roker/

I understand everyone has their own opinion and I will always look at both sides to a story and truly listen to what anyone has to say. But this has me all fired up so let’s jump right in. I have to assume the first part of the article about how she didn’t have the time for an interview with him is just about jealousy. I will just continue this speaking directly to you, the genius who wrote this piece. We understand, you’re a sad boy because Hope Solo wouldn’t come play with you. But you have to understand that she is a busy lady, ok little buddy? I know it’s tough playing in the sand pit by yourself, but that’s no reason to say mean things about Hope. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but she is still working through shoulder problems, partaking in ‘Dancing With The Stars’, doing more interviews than Ryan Seacrest gives them, all while still maintaining her duties with the US Women’s National Team. With all of that going on, she also decided to take on an invitation to run in this marathon to help raise money for a good cause and have the chance to run with some of her biggest fans. You’re right, she sounds like a monster.

Your little mention of how her last two Facebook posts have been about Access Hollywood and ESPN Body Magazine are true. At that moment that you looked at her Facebook those were the last two posts. Well, the last two things on my Facebook are about watching the US Men’s National Team soccer game and how I owe the NYS DMV obscene amounts of money. Are you going to assume I never post about anything else? Have I never mentioned anything else on Facebook other than those last two posts? Hope Solo, along with Alex Mogan and Abby Wambach have been talking about this Chicago Marathon almost nonstop since they signed on to do it. I have seen at least 4 or 5 posts from Solo talking about the marathon and how excited they all were to do it. Do some research past two Facebook posts; it makes you look like a 12 year old reporter for your school paper.

As far as it being a slap in the face to anyone, I’m kind of hoping that slap in the face is coming your way. The “working mom who gets up at 5am every morning to train for this” you mention is doing this because she truly wants to. People with that dedication do these marathons because they love to do it and also get to support a good cause. I applaud them for that dedication and so do the three ladies you’re speaking so poorly of. I highly doubt they will find it a slap in the face because three superstar athletes are taking time out of their busy schedules to help raise awareness of the event and help it succeed. If they are, then so be it, but it should not be viewed that way. There are plenty of ways these athletes can get PR that are much easier than going through all this work to be at the marathon and run a leg in it. If they didn’t care to support the cause they wouldn’t have done it.

Also, by the way, your attempt at humor with the Johnny Knoxville bit doesn’t work. Let me explain analogies to you. It has to relate directly to the scenario you are speaking of, inferring it to be similar. If Johnny Knoxville came onto the US Women’s National Team for charity that would be all well and good, except this is an actual profession. These athletes are working professionals playing for this team, it is their job. This marathon is filled with volunteer runners who want to accomplish something great, stay fit, and help a good cause. There is a pretty big difference there. I’m sure if it helped a good cause, Pia Sundhage (the head coach – she doesn’t have a Facebook page so I wasn’t sure if you would know who she is) would actually welcome the ‘Jackass’ star out to some practices or to do something with the team on the side if it were for charity. That team is filled with role models and truly good people. But I think hiring him for a reality show to play women’s soccer would be a little out of question. See, the key to a good analogy is to keep it realistic; you just stretched that one a little too far. It’s ok though, next time I’m sure you’ll nail it.

I also find it interesting you target Solo so heavily here. I’m guessing it’s because she is the only one you could think to write about because she is on ‘DWTS’ so you could have fun little quips about spray tan and the jitterbug. (I suppose I can’t blame you there. Spray tan and jitterbug will always sound funny together) All three athletes have been talking up this event since the day they signed on for it. They have talked about what a great event it is, they have talked about how inspiring it is to see thousands of dedicated runners, and they have encouraged people to get involved. All three of them are the exact role models we need right now and they have done an amazing job of showing it through events like this.

I applaud them for their efforts and for taking the time to run in this marathon, even if it was only a portion of it. They gave that marathon a lot of exposure, helped raise money, and gave their fans an opportunity to meet them and run with them.

You asked, “Is this a PR stunt wrapped in the face of charity?” I ask, “Is your article a bunch of words wrapped in the face of nonsense?”

In case you’re dying to know the answers, they are NO and YES, respectively.