SNL AfterBuzz: Chris Pine and LCD Sound System

There is a lot of talk about how Chris Pine won’t stop singing in this episode…and also possibly some in-studio host on host nose biting.

No, you’re not supposed to understand what that means. So just watch and find out.

‘Jono and Ben’ Prank at E! News With Jason Kennedy

Catch me in this epic prank that aired on New Zealand’s “Jono and Ben” and E! Online!

Jono decided to prank Ben into thinking he had an audition at E! News. There’s lots of awkwardness, terrible accents and Superman underwear.

E! Online – Watch Jason Kennedy Help Pull a “Savage” Prank On New Zealand’s Jono and Ben





SNL AfterBuzz: Octavia Spencer and Father John Misty

We may have been slightly let down by this week’s SNL. But Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions and Melissa Villasenor as Kate McKinnon, both make up for everything in the world that is wrong.


SNL AfterBuzz: Alec Baldwin and Ed Sheeran

Fact: Alec Baldwin’s episode beat out Donald Trump’s episode from last season in ratings.

Alternative Fact: Donald Trump’s episode last season was watched and adored by every man, woman, child, animal and Muslim.

SNL AfterBuzz: Felicity Jones and Sturgill Simpson

Hey! Are you still enjoying mocking Donald Trump to make yourself laugh as a coping mechanism for the fact that he is about to become our president this week?? Cool! So is SNL. Check out the newest AfterBuzz TV recap.