Orphan Black AfterBuzz TV – Series Finale with Kristian Bruun!

It has come. After 5 incredible seasons we say goodbye to the best acting you will ever see on screen or stage or back alley or cave dwelling or underwater sea fortress or…you get it…

Tatiana Maslany gave us jaw dropping performance after jaw dropping performance for 5 seasons. As she took on the persona of dozens of clones, you never saw her skip a beat. Not ever. Not even as she was playing a clone, playing a different clone, talking to a clone, playing a different clone. Yeah…it’s hard to even keep up with understanding that on paper. Try being the actor portraying it perfectly. The story lines, the acting, the female driven cast, the messages of strength in sisterhood, and the Helena one-liners will be greatly missed.

Check us out at AfterBuzz TV getting to chat with the amazing and so well-spoken and talented, Kristian Bruun, who played the lovable Donnie with such humor and strength. I was so honored to be a part of this panel for the last few episodes.

Goodbye, sweet clones.

P.S.: Tatiana, I already miss you.

SNL AfterBuzz: Chris Pine and LCD Sound System

There is a lot of talk about how Chris Pine won’t stop singing in this episode…and also possibly some in-studio host on host nose biting.

No, you’re not supposed to understand what that means. So just watch and find out.

SNL AfterBuzz: Octavia Spencer and Father John Misty

We may have been slightly let down by this week’s SNL. But Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions and Melissa Villasenor as Kate McKinnon, both make up for everything in the world that is wrong.