Amy Maestri is an actress, writer and producer from Syracuse, NY.  She now lives in Los Angeles where she writes biography sections in third person and feels like kind of an asshole for doing so.

Amy began writing and performing her own comedy at 14. So she not only had an early education in comedy, but also how to sneak into a club when you still have braces. She moved to Los Angeles for the most unique and unusual reason; to pursue TV and film.

Currently, you can catch her on AfterBuzz TV as one of the Saturday Night Live after show hosts. Sundays (after a new SNL) at 8pm PST you can watch her giggle, chat and recap all that was Saturday Night Live that week.

She is also the co-creator and star of the web series Terrible HR, which recently won an award of recognition at IndieFest for Women Filmmakers. You can watch it here, on YouTube. And then, in your dreams.

You can see all of her original sketches which have been featured on Funny or Die, here: On Her YouTube Channel.

Once you become sick of her face, but would like to read more of her words, you can see her featured blogs about the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team at www.wsn247.com. It’s soccer, it’s comedy and a whole lot of ranting.

Amy encourages comments, sharing and sending gifs of puppies falling asleep in weird places.

For potential opportunities, see the contact page for information. Please also include puppies in those communications.



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